After a series of successful „Stasys Šimkus“ competitions, the organizers are pleased to invite you to the

23rd International Stasys Šimkus Choir Competition.

This event combines the joys of an international choral competition with the outstanding facilities for concerts in one of the leading musical city Klaipėda in Lithuania. The churches reflect its centuries-old tradition of music. They bear testimony to the high culture of singing  music in one of Lithuania‘s most beautiful cities.

The international choir competition with its broad range of categories for different standards, types of choirs and offers every choir the opportunity to present its current qualities on the international stage. The competition will be held in Klaipėda, Lithuania‘s port city.

At the same time, all choirs will have the unforgettable experience of giving concerts with other choirs in the churches of Western Lithuanian cities. The event has been consciously designed to combine competitions and concerts in harmony.

We cordially invite choirs of all kinds to join us on May 16-19, 2024, as we celebrate a great festival of choral music in Klaipėda.



All choirs are welcome to participate in the 23rd INTERNATIONAL STASYS ŠIMKUS CHOIR COMPETITION opening ceremony and concert. All choirs may participate in the atmospheric afternoon and evening concerts in the most beautiful churches of Western Lithuanian cities. Several choirs from different countries will sing together, presenting to the public and to other choirs their chosen programmes of sacred and secular music.

All choirs are invited to join the closing and award ceremony as well as the Grand Prix Competition, during which the category winners and the choirs invited by the jury will  compete for the Grand Prix THE GRAND AMBER award.

The competition will be held in the concert hall of Klaipėda. Choirs may apply for in several categories, according to the rules (see below).

Choirs which will take part in the choral competition will be honored with a diploma during the prize giving ceremony.